Volume Concrete doing a new Driveway

A simple short video demonstrating the services provided by using Volume Concrete LLC., paired with a concrete line pump for efficient and cost effective material transportation.

A driveway that size required over 100,000 lbs. of raw materials proportioned, mixed and delivered in a timely fashion.

The grade of the driveway makes for multiple problems that left un-addressed could cause a timely delay, with the solution solved by using a concrete line pump provided by AAA Concrete Pumping LLC., (AAACP)

Instead of using a wheel barrow and going uphill to deliver the 100,000 lbs. of concrete, a concrete line pump is utilized.   A good Placer running the end of the hose will ensure the grade of wet concrete is placed within a tolerance making the job easier for the Finisher.

Another individual responsible for a smooth operation is the Operator.  The Operator runs the machinery, whether it be the mixer truck or the concrete line pump.  Both machines require highly experienced and dedicated Operators. A notable reason for using AAACP: An Operator and a Placer are provided for each job!